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Mechanism of Injury: The medial meniscus is injured more frequently than the lateral meniscus. Insult may occur when the foot is fixed on the ground and the femur is rotated internally, as when pivoting, sudden twisting, getting out of a car, receiving a clipping Injury or trauma.

An ACL injury often accompanies a medial meniscus tear. Lateral rotation of the femur on a fixed tibia may tear the lateral meniscus.

What are the symptoms of a meniscal tear???

A meniscus tear can cause acute locking of the knee or chronic symptoms with intermittent catching or locking.

Pain during forced hyperextension or maximum flexion occurs along the joint line.

Joint swelling and QUADRICEPS atrophy.

When the tear is acute the patient may be unable to bear weight on the involved side. Unexpected locking or giving way during ambulation often occurs.

TREATMENT : PRICE protocol (protection, rest, icing, compression and elevation) for first 72 hours followed by static quadriceps, ankle pumps, SLRs. After acute symptoms have subsided, exercises should be performed in open and closed chain positions to improve strength and endurance in isolated muscle groups and to prepare the patient for functional activities.


This is not medical advice, visit your local physical therapist if you have pain or injury. it is advisable to perform exercises under the supervision of a licensed physiotherapist.

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