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Are you suffering from low back pain?

These are the following tips that will help you handle the pain and guide you on proper path of recovery.

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders we see in day to day life. Many of the low back pain cases are mechanical caused by overload, muscle and joint stiffness .

A small number of cases are caused by more serious issues like fracture, spinal tumour or systemic disease and they require medical attention.

Note 💥

If your pain is constant during the day and night, makes you wake up in the middle of the night, causes numbness, loss of sensation, leg pain or has occurred suddenly following an injury - please go see a doctor.

But for mechanical pain in which your symptoms are minimal and not severe, follow these tips to prevent your back pain from getting worse.

1. Don't stick to complete bed rest for more than 2 days. You can walk for 10 to 15 mins during the day. Walking can be best exercise in this case.

2. If a certain activity is painful. Don't do it. For e.g.. If it hurts to bend forwards don't bend. If you try to press into a particular position which evokes pain, u might aggravate the symptoms.

3. Stick to core stabilization exercises till pain subsides completely. You can start with basic core activation in supine to planks.

4. Figure out which movement is worsening the pain. If back extension ( moving back backwards ) is worsening the pain which worsens on standing avoid standing for long either sit or lie down with knees bent. If flexion (forward bending) is worsening the pain and increases on sitting for long then take breaks from prolonged sitting and walk around or lie down with knees straight for a while.

5. Don't lift heavy weights if you are suffering from back pain

6. Don't lift weights on shoulder or do overhead lifting it might increase the stress on your spine.

7. Perform simple mild stretches for back and hip within pain range.

8. Swimming or exercises in the pool might help reduce pain.

9. Avoid high impact activities like running.

10. If your back pain doesn't resolve on it's own. Don't ignore the pain. Seek professional help.

Disclaimer : This is not medical advice. It is advisable to perform exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

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